Purposed Data Center in Polson, Lake County Montana

Well now. This video which was/is on YouTube,  has been conveniently removed. I have done some searching and cannot find it anywhere. But here is a link from the Daily Inter Lake about the “show” they put on.

If anyone finds it please contact us and we will get the link on here.

Montana Economic Session about Data Center for Lake County/Polson



This is being purposed for Lake County. Where are they going to get the water to cool this facility?   Flathead Lake is low this year, and at an estimated 1.2 million gallons a day to keep it cool, will this effect water/people/business’s/irrigators in Lake County, Flathead County, and Sanders County?  Along with all the aspects of water usage.  Is this something that all should be concerned with?  You bet it is!

Where did this video go?